Discussions on Rethinking Economics

stimulated by the Reith Lectures 2020

In his 2020 Reith Lectures, Mark Carney, once Governor of the Bank of England, challenged us with the overall question: How do we rethink the Economy and the economic aspect of life in the light of the three crises: credit crisis of 2008, Covid-19 crisis of 2020-21, and the coming climate crisis? This portion of the Christian Thinking Space website contains access to, and discussion of, his lectures.

The four 2020 Reith Lectures are available on BBC Sounds as as a whole and individually at:

The Reith Lecture Discussion Group was convened in December 2020 to discuss the lectures from a Christian and Reformational perspective. The discussions yielded the following items to assist study and rethink:

Results of Our Discussions

The Discussions Themselves

The following are notes from, transcripts of the discussions so far. The later discussions (e.g. 5 onwards) are fuller and have more highlighting of, and comments on, important issues:

Contents of Discussions

During 2022 discuss sections of the Rethink of Economics are being discussed and improved:

The discussions in 2021 were wide-ranging, stimulated by the Reith Lectures and going further:

Note: The records of discussions 1, 2 are more meagre.

Individual Pieces of the Discussion

The following are discussions of individual issues, set alongside the main discussions. Some of them were sent by email.

See also:

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