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Discussion 1 - Various Comments by Participants

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Contents of Discussion 3, On Measuring Value

Contents of Discussion 4, on What Contributes to a Healthy Living Environment?:

Contents of Discussion 5, on Non-Measurement of Values:

Contents of Discussion 6, on Love, Hope and Grace in the Economy:

Contents of Discussion 7, on Faith, Joy and Trust in the Economy:

Contents of Discussion 8, on the Justice, Service and Peace in the Economy:

Contents of Discussion 9, on Overview of Findings:

    --- Starting to Present Our Overall Findings
    --- Finding: Widening 'The Economy' to 'Economic Activity'
    --- Finding: Widening Economic Activity to Being Just One Aspect of Life
        -- Finding: Widening the Presupposition of Good to Recognise Harm
        -- Expanding the Idea of Economic Exchange
    --- The Problem of Plethora
    --- Finding: Need for a Framework
    --- Finding: Widened the idea of Value Beyond Money and even Beyond Measurement
    --- Measurement and Evaluation

    --- On Time
        -- An attempt at explaining Dooyeweerd's view of time
        -- A Better Understanding of Time
        -- Economic Time: Time in Economic Activity
        -- A Dooyeweerdian Understanding of Economic Time
        -- On abuse of measurement of time

    --- Finding: Using Dooyeweerd's Aspects to Understanding the Widening

    --- Finding: Christian Perspective Helps
        -- Need more discussion
        -- The gospel puts the economy upside down
        -- Importance of the Heart (Mindset, etc.)

    --- Need for Rethink
        -- Do We Need McSonalds?
        -- Rising above the conflict
        -- Example: Market v. Planned Economy

    --- Finding: On What We Achieved in Discussion Christian Values

    --- Where Now? Possible Future Activities / Projects
    --- Christian and Dooyeweerdian Perspectives
    --- How We Valued These Discussions
        -- Critiquing Mark Carney
    --- What (Else) We Might Contribute
    --- Ending

    --- Further Discussion with CA


Contents of Discussion 10, on Overview and Proposals:

Contents of Discussion 11, on Ideas for Contributing to SNA 2025


  • ----- Aspectual Analysis of Types of Unpaid Activity

    Contents of The 12th RLDG Discussion: What We Have Achieved So Far

    Contents of Z13: RLDG Discussion 13 - Overview, Moralities, Answering Student Questions and Complex Problem on 12th November 2021

    Contents of 14th Reith Lectures Zoom Discussion on 3rd December 2021

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