Christian Values and the Economy

Email sent by CA on 11th February 2021:

I was thinking for the Reith Lecture, can we map say core Christian values to the economy. Like for example:

How do we map these to the economy, in either direction? For example:

Peace- If US feel it is a steward of the world it needs to stop tradewar with China. Start thinking how we can work together to battle Covid as a world economy and then fix tradewar to give every economy a win-win at the end. This can be achieved through peaceful talks.

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The list is from an article/blog by Brian Edgar for the UK Evangelical Alliance. See Full blog article (pdf)

We have taken these as our starting-point for discussing Christian values and how they might impact economic activity. Though they were mentioned in most of our discussions, we discussed them specifically in Discussions 6, 7, 8. We did no take them as in any way 'the' final values, but taking them as a starting-point gave us practice at discussing how such 'nebulous' values might relate to the economic activity (see other benefits in the Conclusion of our Findings). We thank Brian Edgar for giving us such a starting-point.

Below is a critique of the above values, to further discussion.

Critique of the Above List

We do not take the above list as sacrosanct. We merely used it as a basis for our discussions in order to move forward and avoid endless discussions on what should be in the list. And various benefits emerged from doing so. Now that we have practice, we might reconsider the make-up of the list.

However, participants have offered some critique. Participant NO wrote "I am concerned that the eight core Christian values are not precise enough for use in developing value measurements that can be utilized to reasonable effect." RG offers useful comments on each value.

Whether we agree with all those comments or not, and whether or not we take these elements, they need rethinking. This is no slur on Brian Edgar; he did not intend the list to be any final truth, but just a suggestion to initiate discussion. We are grateful to him for offering us a starting point - and not an ending point. So, let us join the discussion.

Last updated: 15 July 2021 added critiques. 21 July 2021 reword critique etc.