Overview of Approaches to Economics

(Draft, still being compiled)

This tries to summarise the concerns, ideas and contribution of a number of recent thinkers in economics. Our "Rethinking Economics with the help of Philosophical and Christian Perspectives" seeks to draw a broader picture that can situate all of their various concerns and affirm, critique and enrich their solutions.

Circular Economy

Carney's Values-Oriented Economics

Doughnut Economics

Blossoming Economy.

God's Good Economy

Tim Jackson

Economy for the Common Good (ECG)

SNA 2025

Foundational Economy

The New Environmental Economics

Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism

The Commons in an Age of Uncertainty

Mazzucato: The Value of Everything

Bullshit Jobs

The Economics of Biodiversity

Tragedy of the Commons





Thanks to the RLDG, Reith Lectures Discussion Group, who drew attention to, and discussed, several recent thinkers, and to Colin McCulloch, who drew my attention to many more.

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