The Reith Lectures Discussion Group (RLDG)

Who We Are

RLDG (Reith Lectures Discussion Group) was set up in December 2020 to discuss Mark Carney's Reith Lectures. It involves mainly Christian and Reformational thinkers from across the Globe. Participants come from both academia and economic practice. Participants hail from several fields, including economics, finance, sustainability, business, digital systems, theology and engineering.

Aim and Purpose

The aim of RLDG discussions is to encourage questions that might not usually be asked, but then critically probe those questions, so as to understand the mandate, the possibilities and responsibility of the economic aspect of reality alongside all others, and to apply that understanding to both theory and practice. It aims for an inner reformation of economics. "Inner reformation" means that proposals must always make sense in terms of economics, rather than being imposed from outside, even though they might be radically challenging.

Method and Approach

Using the philosophy of Dooyeweerd, it challenges economics theory with the realities of economics practice, in all its complexity, challenges economics practice with underlying attitudes and beliefs, and challenges the whole with the mandate of economics to contribute to Overall Good ("Shalom"). The discussions take account of both recent thinking and the insights contained in conventional economics of both left and right, all in the light of this wider mandate. 'Everyday' life is consistently brought into the discussions.

The approach is that of LACE: Listen, Affirm, Critique, Enrich. This avoids taking sides, but treats all ideas as impaired insights, so that what is valid in each is affirmed, but their presuppositions are opened up, reformed and enriched.


RLDG discussions are recorded, transcribed and annotated, so as to become an archival resources of inspirational thinking for present and future thinkers. See collection of discussions.

As a result of the discussions, a radical rethink of economics has emerged, which might emerge as a new paradigm for economics.

We have also commented on various national and international initiatives.

List of Participants:

Participants who agree to share their names include:

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