A Space for Christian Thinking

The domain christianthinking.space has been set up as a space in which to encourage and stimulate Christian thinking about many topics. The following topics are currently available. It will build up as it is called upon.

Christian thinking in Economics

Eight Core Christian Values by Brian Edgar, UK Evangelical Alliance - pdf.

Shaping Our Disciplines for Christ

LACE: Listen, Affirm, Critique, Enrich - a way for Christians to engage with mainstream thought.

In most cases, a fundamental rethink is undertaken, from a radically Biblical-Christian perspective, which does not take current or past ideas, theories, paradigms or perspectives for granted (not even those sometimes through of as "Christian") but subjects all to critique. Critique is carried out, not to pull down or attack, but to: Listen, Affirm, Critique and Enrich (LACE).

Created 3 February 2021 Last updated: 16 April 2021 8 core Cn Values.